Local Lib Dems Hope for Success at Euro Elections

Building on from their success in the local elections Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats are hoping for another chance to celebrate after tomorrow's European Elections. Polls suggest support for the Lib Dems has been steadily growing throughout a campaign where they have had a single clear message to "Stop Brexit". Nationally polling shows the LibDems now in second place ahead of both Labour and Conservatives. Taunton Deane is part of the South West region where the most recent polls suggest the Liberal Democrats have a chance to elect two MEPs.

The latest regional poll puts the Lib Dems just 1% away from electing a second MEP

The latest regional poll puts the Lib Dems just 1% away from electing a second MEP

Local Parliamentary Candidate for the LibDems Gideon Amos commented "Tomorrow voters have a simple choice: our positive vision of Britain in Europe or more of Nigel Farage. With polls showing all other remain parties way behind we are now with just hours to go a few votes away from snatching a second MEP from the Brexit Party. Not only will that mean MEPs who will not only turn up but will work hard to tackle the climate crisis and maintaining peace and security for our country. Just as importantly a vote for the LibDems will send the clearest possible message that the Conservative government’s deal isn’t good enough and that the Brexiters have broken their promises. Let’s tell it out loud that It is the people who deserve the final say on our country’s future”.

You can cast your vote between 7am and 10pm on Thursday at the polling stations detailed on your polling card. People don’t need their polling cards with them to vote, though it does speed the process. However, any celebrations in the LibDem camp will have to wait as votes will not be counted until polling across Europe finishes on Sunday and results aren't expected to be available until the early hours of Monday morning.

Scott Berry