Lib Dems See Surge in Local Membership

More than 50 Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats gathered to launch a bid “for all who believe in a fairer, liberal country” to join them by Friday 7th June at midnight to vote in the party’s Leadership contest.

Local Election '19 Celebration.jpg

The local LibDems are celebrating a 25% increase in their membership so far this year. The rise in numbers has been followed by victories in recent Council and European Parliament elections especially in the Southwest, including the party taking control of the new Somerset West and Taunton Council. Cllr Federica Smith-Roberts, the party’s new Leader of the Council, said: “We want to show there’s a better way to lead local government - listening to what residents actually think and taking action to match. We are just discovering how challenging yet exciting the job that we have inherited is, there is a lot of work to do but we are we are determined to deliver change for the better for our area”.


Gideon Amos, the LibDems’ Parliamentary Candidate for Taunton Deane, said: “Hard work was one reason we achieved one of the best LibDem Council election results in the country here in Taunton Deane. But there is also a growing hunger in the country as a whole for a liberal party that believes in a positive future in Europe - one which will get on with the real priorities of tackling climate change, stabilising the economy for businesses and reversing some of the worst injustices in our society particularly by investing in children’s education. That’s why we’re inviting anyone who believes in a fairer, liberal country to join us, have a say in choosing our next Leader and make that future a reality, particularly for those people who need it most”.

To have a vote for the new LibDem Party Leader you need to join by midnight on Friday. You can join by going to and membership starts from just £1 per month.

Scott Berry