Gideon Amos Accuses Government of "Spraying Cash Without a Plan to Pay for It"

Taunton Deane Liberal Democrat Gideon Amos has slammed this week’s spending review as “spraying cash like there’s no tomorrow without a plan to pay for it“.

Gideon Amos, Liberal Democrat Candidate

Gideon Amos, Liberal Democrat Candidate

Commenting on the Conservative Chancellor’s new spending plans, announced in the heat of Brexit debates in Parliament, Mr Amos said “The Conservatives have found the magic money tree after all, but have now been found out by the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies which points out that the Chancellor has based everything on rosy, out of date figures which don’t take account of falling growth levels. As a result it looks very likely the Conservatives will fail in their aim to bring down the deficit”.

“Given the Chancellor confirmed the cost of the Conservatives mishandling of Brexit is now £2 billion it is clear this is desperate spending to gain votes without any proper strategy to bring in revenue needed or to make up for the £60 billion of lost growth that their pitiful economic management has caused”.

Mr Amos added “Whilst public services like our schools need funding due to unprecedented Conservative cuts, local pupils continue to receive less funding than the national average. Parents and teachers are right to be angry that all this falls short of the LibDem commitment that no school should lose out when it comes to keeping up with day to day inflation”.

“But the most worrying aspect of the whole Review is that the hapless Conservatives have no strategy to bring in the revenue needed to support this level of spending, especially given the economy is tanking as a reaction to them driving for a no deal crash out of the EU, while the national debt has now reached £1.8 trillion and continues to increase.

Even the independent IFS has highlighted the gamble this means. By contrast the Liberal Democrats would have released the money the Conservatives are spraying at Brexit, for schools and the NHS, because our People’s Vote would have settled the European issue over a year ago. The economy would now be booming and all the cash locked up in company balance sheets due to uncertainty would be at work creating jobs and delivering the social and environmental objectives we have to achieve”.

Scott Berry